I'm a programmer who's designed and developed games, websites and web applications! A naturally creative and explorative nerd from Detroit who spends most of his time programming, I am available to perform freelance or contract work.

Below are a few of my favorite projects - a complex mobile layout, a HTML5 game, and a comprehensive audiology evaluation web app. Take a moment to look over my portfolio, and contact me .

  1. Office CRM

    An update to The Irvine Company's property management tools, taking on development of a shopping cart, a custom drag and drop component and a floor plan review Superpage that works smoothly across mobile, tablet and desktop browsers.

  2. Bigfoot Football

    Hotel Transylvania 2's HTML5 soccer game, built to promote the film as the FIFA World Cup drew near.

  3. Audiology Evaluations Web App

    Henry Ford Hospital's first Audiology evaluation web app, with an interface designed for efficiently handling all of the technician's needs.



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